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William Djikinya: God bless CEMADEF! CEMADEF has helped me with so much in my life!  I sell fresh fish at the Bunia central market.

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A march organized by the beneficiaries of CEMADEF on April 8, 2019 to denounce the poliation of their land. The beneficiaries are challenging the final verdict announced in the case RP 1245 / CD of the Irumu Peace Court and are asking the authorities to review all the documents in the file. The case has been moved to the court of appeals.


After 12 years of service, the echo of CEMADEF has reached the highest peak of the Democratic Republic of Congo. January 16, 2019, the commemoration date of the national hero Laurent Désiré Kabila, has also become a memorable date for CEMADEF. On this date, the General Director of CEMADEF, Fanny Binen Ukey, was honored with the National Dignitary medal for her contribution to the fight against poverty in the province of Ituri. Her words were the following: 

“First of all, allow me to thank God for this memorable day in my life and for CEMADEF. I dedicate this medal to all the women of Ituri in general and to all the courageous women of CEMADEF in particular. It is thanks to them that we were able to achieve the results that are being talked about CEMADEF today. I also dedicate this medal to all our donors and partners represented by the Association d’Appui aux femmes de l’Ituri (ASSAFI), for their continuous support for these last 12 years. May everyone find here our feelings of gratitude.”

On December 28, 2018, the ex-governor of the previous Oriental Province, the Honorable Jean Bamanyisa, made a visit to the Coopérative Ujamaa site in Tsere, located on the outskirts of the town of Bunia. The Cooperative Ujamaa program in Tsere is a project initiated by CEMADEF and funded by the foundation Nos Vies en Partage, in partnership with the office of the Presidency. The program is training rural women in the production of vegetables and fruits. 

During this visit, the Honorable Jean Bamanyisa, who is also involved in similar projects, took the time to give advice on how the site could improve its production. Before leaving, he asked to taste the water from the well which was drilled to a depth of 75 meters in order to help the beneficiaries of the site and the community of Tsere which lacked a source of drinking water. He was very pleased and impressed with the visit.

In October 2018, Serge Carrel, pastor and journalist of the Fédération Romande des Eglises Evangéliques, La FREE in Switzerland, made a visit to Bunia to produce a documentary on the work of CEMADEF in this region. A work that has contributed to the information and awareness of the Swiss public on the lives of the women in Ituri. 

During his trip, he participated in the bi-annual seminar of the beneficiaries, a time of listening, exchanging and of celebration. Serge Carrel did not also want to miss out on the opportunity to visit the Centre Medical Evangelique de Nyankunde (CME), well known by La FREE, but which suffered from several damages during the war in 2002. He finished off by meeting the beneficiaries of CEMADEF Nyankunde, where he was also able to visit some fields of the agricultural groups who are part of the CEMADEF program called “Coopérative Ujamaa” which means family.

Bear in mind that CEMADEF has 9 centers spread out in the 5 territories of the Ituri province. The center of Nyankunde and of Bunia were the two CEMADEF centers which were chosen to test out the concept of cooperatives.