Woman of the Month

William Djikinya: God bless CEMADEF! CEMADEF has helped me with so much in my life!  I sell fresh fish at the Bunia central market.

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A Surprise Visit

On December 28, 2018, the ex-governor of the previous Oriental Province, the Honorable Jean Bamanyisa, made a visit to the Coopérative Ujamaa site in Tsere, located on the outskirts of the town of Bunia. The Cooperative Ujamaa program in Tsere is a project initiated by CEMADEF and funded by the foundation Nos Vies en Partage, in partnership with the office of the Presidency. The program is training rural women in the production of vegetables and fruits. 

During this visit, the Honorable Jean Bamanyisa, who is also involved in similar projects, took the time to give advice on how the site could improve its production. Before leaving, he asked to taste the water from the well which was drilled to a depth of 75 meters in order to help the beneficiaries of the site and the community of Tsere which lacked a source of drinking water. He was very pleased and impressed with the visit.