Woman of the Month

My name is Vicky Lusamba Mosolo, I am a beneficiary of CEMADEF Aru. I joined the program in 2017. I love CEMADEF, it has given me the ability to take care of my family. My husband

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Anite Angainka

Since 2006, CEMADEF has helped me so much with its loans and trainings! I am a nurse. I started out with a small pharmacy while selling small snacks for office workers.

My motto was always “Great quality, well packaged, cheaper BUT CASH!” After that I started a dispensary which has really helped me pay the school fees of my children. Even one of my girls entered CEMADEF and she currently works with me here at the dispensary. I respect the “Leo Leo” rule of CEMADEF which encourages the reimbursement of loans on time. It has helped me to become disciplined in my financial management. Today, I own three lands and one Haojue motorcycle. In order to eliminate the monthly cost of rent for this dispensary, I planned a project to build my own health center. CEMADEF helped me with a loan to combine with my savings in order to complete the needed amount for construction. I plan to inaugurate the health center in March or April 2019!