Woman of the Month

My name is Vicky Lusamba Mosolo, I am a beneficiary of CEMADEF Aru. I joined the program in 2017. I love CEMADEF, it has given me the ability to take care of my family. My husband

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Renelde Bambeya

I joined CEMADEF just out of curiosity. I am so thankful that I made that decision because it has allowed me to put my children in good schools in Kampala, Goma and Bunia.

The money that I borrow from CEMADEF allows me to reinforce my restaurant business. I have now become like the head of the family with almost all the responsibilities delegated to me from my father. I will never forget the CEMADEF trainings that taught me how to manage difficult husbands and children. It allowed me to better understand and help our family. My daughter Gizelle who graduated last year is living proof who is now working and also helping me with the family business.