Woman of the Month

My name is Vicky Lusamba Mosolo, I am a beneficiary of CEMADEF Aru. I joined the program in 2017. I love CEMADEF, it has given me the ability to take care of my family. My husband

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Aimé Biwaga

I want to thank Cemadef for becoming my new family and giving me value in my community. My husband left me pregnant with 9 children without any financial means to survive.

When I joined CEMADEF in 2007, the first thing I did was to buy a plot of land to grow cassava, beans and peanuts. My first harvest was so amazing that everyone was shocked! I harvested almost 500 kg of beans! Later on I started making a local drink called Mandro made from fermented maize flour. This house that you see today was not like this before. It used to be made out of straw but with the help of CEMADEF our lives have really improved and I managed to build the house with tin roof. Today, I am the proud owner of a house and 4 empty lands. My next project is to build a Mandro Bar.